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Leaine Jones, founder of Smart Books and Jones Business Solutions, identified gaps for the learning needs of bookkeepers who want to improve their skills and knowledge with a Best Practice approach. Harnessing her years of experience and a group of motivated bookkeepers as a feedback group Smart Books was ‘born’ in 2021.

Our mission is to empower individuals with practical and effective education, utilising best practice principles, for them to excel as exceptional bookkeepers and realise their full potential as skilled professionals.

The Smart Bookies Club was launched in 2021 and has enjoyed consistent growth to date. Currently 70 members, this is where Leaine provides support and encouragement. It’s a place where bookkeepers can connect, share knowledge, and ask for help from their peers. Providing regular updates, useful content, and personal support the club includes people from a diverse range of backgrounds and levels of experience. Leaine is readily available for a friendly chat or to help troubleshoot a tricky issue too. She regularly shares that she learns a lot from member input. The power of collaboration and collective knowledge is powerful!

Still in the early stages of development the Smart Books courses are a valuable learning resource. These are not just for bookkeepers; they also benefit business owners and accounting staff. They are designed to be easy to follow and able to be done at a time and pace that suits the student. Feedback to date has been excellent – and this helps further develop future course content and topics. Currently Smart Bookies and Smart Books followers are eagerly awaiting the Gross Profit and Direct Costs course – this is the next one in the Accounting Concepts curriculum.

A foundation of the Smart Books philosophy is demonstrating Best Practice. We see being a Best Practice Bookkeeper encompassing 2 key elements – the Technical and the Professional. Leaine further explains this as “Not just the doing – it is also the way of doing.” Smart Books educates, encourages, and empowers their customers to implement Best Practice – and to do it with confidence. Seeing bookkeepers develop their skill-sets and become expert in the areas that best suit them is inspiring. Being part of someone else’s’ journey is a pleasure, and a real motivator for Leaine.

As a relatively new business, Smart Books has lots to work on and develop. We have just had our first ever workshop (‘Being Your Best’) and the 2024’s first free educational webinars is coming up soon (‘Be Bookkeeper Ready for Year End’). Along with newsletters, business tips, and member resources there is also more course content being written. Stay tuned for more learning opportunities – there is plenty to come! Come join the conversation – Leaine would love to chat with you.

Here’s Leaine on a short video:

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