Frequently asked questions

Yes – a refund will be paid to you for the months paid in advance.

No – you can follow a curriculum structure if you like, but the courses are organised to do one at a time or as a ‘mix and match’ approach – you can elect to do just the courses that you need.

Absolutely! We created the Smart Bookies Club as a membership option to suit a newer bookkeeper or where they have a small budget and are not ready to commit to the course fees. You can be a member and do courses, just be a member, or just do courses.

The Courses are designed in 3 levels – Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each course has an overview to outline the course content and learning outcomes. You can view the course overview before making your purchase.

Yes – you will get a certificate at the end of a course where you have completed all 4 lessons and the knowledge checks for that course. If you complete an entire curriculum you will get a curriculum certificate.

Absolutely!– in fact we like to initiate contact to get an understanding of a new member to better understand their learning needs and their bookkeeping journey. A Zoom call is our preferred option, but a phone call is OK too.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning can be identified from your Learning Log. Each lesson is typically a half hour duration, most courses have 2 hours as an expected completion time (tutorials + knowledge checks and further self-learning).

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