What we are all about

Smart Books® was developed to help small businesses and bookkeepers get the most out of their bookkeeping. Not just the ‘how-to’, Leaine offers education on best practice business procedures. Harnessing her years of experience she has created a membership to sit alongside a series of courses to provide practical learning that is flexible and affordable.


Learn Something Every Day

Leaine’s working career commenced in banking and encompassed office manager, accounts, and EA roles before commencing her own business in 2007. Leaine is passionate about getting the elements of office administration running smoothly and efficiently – coupled with meeting compliance and managing risk. Helping business owners achieve success is where her motivation lies. 

As an experienced accountant and bookkeeper, Leaine is well placed to share her expertise with like-minded bookkeepers. Leaine has been a Xero Partner for 10+ years. As a long standing member of ICNZB (Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers), she regularly shares her knowledge and provides support to her peers. Combined with ongoing learning required for her ATAINZ (Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of NZ), and other related industry memberships Leaine is well-equipped to provide training in this space.

Leaine Jones


Why Choose Us?

We are Experienced

Experience is gold! Learning from client mistakes or messy accounts rescue work Leaine has had to learn and craft her skillset to solve problems and better improve procedures to create Best Practice and improve business efficiency. Finding solutions in one place may help someone else down the track. Leaine takes her own learning and product knowledge seriously and is always looking to know more and help her clients along the way.

We are Winners

We know and understand bookkeeping and Xero at the top level.
Winner: Jones Business Solutions 2022 Xero NZ Bookkeeping Partner of the Year
Finalist: Jones Business Solutions 2019 - 2021 Xero NZ Bookkeeping Partner of the Year
Winner: Leaine Jones 2022 ICNZB Bookkeeping Trainer of the Year
Winner: Leaine Jones 2021 ICNZB Bookkeeping Trainer of the Year
Finalist: Leaine Jones 2020 ICNZB Bookkeeping Trainer of the Year
Winner: Leaine Jones 2018 ICNZB Bookkeeper of the Year

We are respected

Long-standing clients, her bookkeeping peers, and software partners provide testament to Leaine’s knowledge, expertise, professionalism and integrity in the accounting industry. She is regularly approached to provide support and advice for our local community and industry colleagues. Generous with time and resources Leaine avidly believes in sharing knowledge where she can, and her bookkeeping and Xero training firmly sits within these values.

Trusted by Kiwis

‘I have been attending the ‘Xero for Bookkeepers’ sessions since October 2019. The topics covered are well planned, well executed and relevant. Leaine shares her bookkeeping best practice knowledge and provides useful advice which I have applied to my bookkeeping business. Her high standards and passion for accounting and bookkeeping is contagious and I am thriving in this environment. The Xero training, tips and knowledge I have received means that I can offer a better level of service to my clients and gives me confidence that I am utilising Xero in the most effective way possible.’
Hayley Walker, Owner, Foundations 4 Business
‘In every session I learn some aspect of Bookkeeping/Xero that is new to me and I have been able to apply it to my business.  Session by session my business is developing into a more efficient, better managed, less stressful environment to work in.  Leaine takes a very practical, step by step approach to teaching - always promoting best practise bookkeeping - making it easier to integrate what I learn into my business.’
Karen Clunie, Owner, Certified Bookkeeping
‘I really look forward to the training sessions with Leaine - I know I am going to come away further educated in Xero and bookkeeping processes. Time well spent!’
Lisa Pallister, Owner, Evolution Accounts
Kylie Hickey
’As a new bookkeeper to the industry I jumped at the chance to join the Smart Bookies Club. Leaine’s training sessions are practical, valuable and relevant to my bookkeeping business. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Leaine is extremely supportive of her trainees, encouraging personal growth for future success and her Xero Tips and training are invaluable!'
Kylie Hickey, Owner, Essential Bookkeeping Services