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About Leaine Jones, Founder of Smart Books Courses

Founder of Smart Books and Jones Business Solutions

Leaine Jones, founder of Smart Books and Jones Business Solutions, has come a long way in the bookkeeping industry. When Leaine first started her journey over 15 years ago, bookkeeping was not yet recognised as a profession in New Zealand. Leaine has helped move the needle to change that.

In the early days, when everything was still done on desktop software, Leaine would run around Wellington visiting clients (usually to a bulging in-tray and receipts on a spike). Seeking answers to her questions from accountants she would invariably receive different responses, often vague or without relevant detail, and still be unsure on what to do. A few years in with her bookkeeping business she realised that there was a need for practical advice, ongoing education, and a community of like-minded bookkeepers.

Joining the NZ Bookkeepers Association (ICNZB) shortly after it was formed in 2010 provided Leaine with the professional development opportunities she needed as well as forming lifetime friendships and partnerships with her bookkeeping peers. Through this association she began to share her knowledge and experience with a group of bookkeepers who turned to her for guidance and support.

Leaine started running free weekly Zoom sessions called ‘Xero for Bookkeepers’. As the demand grew, she realised that she needed a more structured approach. This led to the creation of Smart Books. Leaine recognised that, unlike accounting careers, bookkeepers enter the industry from a variety of roles – and as a result often haven’t had formal accounting education. Smart Books is there to help fill that learning gap.  

Throughout her career, Leaine has gained valuable experience in various roles, including office management, accounts, health and safety, and human resources. This diverse background equipped her with a strong foundation in audit, risk management, and operational processes. It also taught her the importance of understanding how different people operate and being adaptable and aware of others.

At Smart Books, Leaine’s philosophy is all about best practice. She teaches her students and members not only how to perform tasks to a high standard, but also the reasons behind them and how to check their own work. It’s about making conscious decisions, identifying red flags, knowing where to look for potential issues – all while behaving professionally. A multi-award winner, Leaine actively demonstrates bookkeeping excellence in all that she does.

Leaine Jones is a true pathfinder in the bookkeeping industry. Through her dedication, passion, and unwavering support, she has transformed the lives of countless bookkeepers and small business owners in New Zealand. Her commitment to providing practical and personalised guidance sets her apart and solidifies her position as a trusted mentor and leader in her field.

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