Working to your strengths

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Earlier this year Smart Books held their first workshop – ‘Being Your Best’. Taking the attendees on a journey of self-discovery some core learnings emerged.

Discovering your strengths

What proportion of time are you spending doing what you love? How can you do more of this – and less of the type of work you don’t enjoy? What are you passionate about? What are your core strengths – think about what you are really good at – ask trusted colleagues if you are not sure! How do you feel when you are truly ‘in the zone’? Are there some things you don’t really care about, but you feel obligated or pressured to be doing? By making a short-term plan (think 30-90 days) to work towards doing more of what you love and where your strengths lie will provide you with some review points and thought-provoking impetus to make some effective changes. Regaining control over what you want to do will give you more enjoyment and fulfilment.

Aligning passion with purpose

It’s important! We spend a lot of time working – make it count! Look at what really lights you up and gives you energy – chances are you feel strongly about these things. Our passion tends to align with our natural strengths and skills. Thes things might be areas of challenge and new learning – that’s OK – if it feels good to be focusing on new horizons or improving existing areas then go for it! Your passion and energy will help shape your future success and likely rub off on others too. Whether you’re a great communicator, a problem-solver, or quite achiever, find ways to incorporate these strengths into your work. Aligning passion with purpose isn’t a one-time decision; it’s an ongoing journey. Keep tabs on that inner fire – tend to it with care to keep it burning!

Authenticity in action

What is authenticity? Being authentic is being genuine, sincere, and true to yourself. Being the best you can be involves aligning your beliefs and values with your actions. It can be hard to put yourself out there – imposter syndrome springs to mind as does vulnerability. Being your true self and showing honesty and integrity with all that you do will not just enhance your reputation – you will sleep better too!  If you feel your values are being compromised take action – saying ‘No’, politely disagreeing with others, putting things right are all achievable (along with a few calming deep breaths to get you there!). Authenticity builds long-lasting relationships. Nurture those who align with your way of thinking and working.

Your values in your business

Working in alignment with your own values creates a solid foundation for business success.  When challenges arise, your values act as a compass. Upholding your principles during tough times helps you stay resilient and reinforces your business’s integrity. When making strategic business decisions referring to your core beliefs provides clarity and consistency to keep you on track. There is more to business than profit. Does your business showcase your own values and leave ripples with others you deal with? Don’t be shy – let the world know the uniqueness of you and the strengths and gifts you bring.

What actions can you take to identify your core strengths, values and purpose?  How can you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t? Our February workshop had some fabulous speakers to guide us on just that! Daria Williamson, Emily Rogers, Melanie Morris, and Smart Books founder Leaine Jones took us on quite the journey of self discovery. Give some thought and time to work on your own efforts to be the best you can be too!

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Learning ledger - working to your strengths(1)

Working to your strengths

Earlier this year Smart Books held their first workshop – ‘Being Your Best’. Taking the attendees on a journey of self-discovery some core learnings emerged. Discovering your strengths What proportion

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