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Having a brand for your business is so much more than a striking logo! Leaine’s long-time client, Frances Manwaring, has written a book on it! Well worth a look to […]

A proforma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale. It is very common to see it with goods that are being shipped globally. In terms of customs documentation, different countries […]

Restructure is about the roles, while redundancy is about the people. Restructure is not the answer to getting rid of people. You need: Redundancy is the ending of employment relationship […]

Business accounts can take different forms with financial reporting. Statutory accounts are different to Management accounts – both have their place in keeping an eye on results and ensuring compliance. […]

Smart Books® educator Leaine Jones recently went ‘live’ with her latest Accounting Concepts course. – The Balance Sheet. One of the terms referred to is solvency. Leaine explains this as: […]

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