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Cyber security – it is essential to have the right policies and protection in place. Scammers and hackers go after any size of business. Smaller businesses can be particularly vulnerable […]

Often a job that is avoided! Leaine shares some tips on helping you get paid on time: MBIE shares their tips here. Review and update your debtor collection process. Your […]

These days emails are a big part of a busy business owner’s day. Quick and brief replies are the norm. But care is needed as well. Here’s 3 tips from […]

Leaine Jones, founder of Smart Books®, regularly runs workshops on getting started in business. One question that always comes up is ‘How much should I pay myself?’ A few things […]

In business it can be really easy to become reactive and deal with the noisiest and most demanding customers first. Smart Books® founder Leaine Jones recommends scheduling ‘check-in chats’ with […]

Smart Books® founder Leaine Jones received a great piece of advice early on in her business. On your birthday sack your worst client! Leaine can’t recall doing this on her […]

Smart Books® founder Leaine Jones recently hosted a Smart Bookies Club forum on ‘Selling with Integrity’. Some great ideas came out of the discussion. Here are some of the suggestions: […]

In one of our Smart Bookies Club member forums we discussed the topic ‘Selling with Integrity’. In service industries like bookkeeping it can be easy to do whatever the client […]

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